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“Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.”                                                                                                           Tom Lehrer

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Latest News

31st May 2020

With the opening up of MyMusicRoom studio soon once Phase 2 is announced, we will be taking measures to ensure a safe learning environment for our students.

Tightening of MyMusicRoom Safety Measures:

  • Limit to only 1 student at each time in the Piano Studio. Student and teacher will remain 1.5 metre distance apart at all times during lesson time

  • Maximum of 2 students in waiting area with 1.5 metre distance apart

  • Temperature taking before entering the studio - Note that student with temperature that is 37.5 Deg and above will be rejected for lessons. Make-up lessons will be scheduled

  • Hand washing with Anti-Bacterial soap provided is strictly to be observed before and after lesson

  • Face Mask / Face Shield to be wore - (We may provide complimentary Face Shield - more information to be shared soon)

  • Wipe down of piano keyboards with anti-bacterial wipes will be carried out

28th May 2020

Phase Two: Safe Transition - Lessons may resume soon

The Government will carefully monitor the effects of increased activity in Phase One, and if the community infection rates remain low and stable over the subsequent two weeks, Phase Two could happen before the end of June.

In Phase Two, more activities will resume. Almost the entire economy will re-open, subject to safe management measures being in place.

  • Retail, F&B, personal health and wellness, home-based services, sports and public facilities: Most businesses will be allowed to resume, with safe management measures, group size and capacity limits in place.

For more information:

3rd April 2020

MyMusicRoom will temporary suspense all lessons till further notice from the government. Students have been reminded to send video of their practice for complimentary review as a way to maintain the momentum and skills of their piano playing ability.


More information:


Dear Ms Lye,

Today I wrote to you to thank you for teaching her piano for all those years. The other day Tiffany mentioned you as her second Mom. I believe your warmth and care made her feel so close to you. Thank you so much for not only instilling the love of music into her at young age, but also being a role model for her to be kind, caring and a true person! Our gratitude to you is beyond words.​


A grateful mom

Hi Ms Lye,

Thank you for the excellent results. We are very grateful to you for all these years of lessons. You have taught Amelia well and therefore she is able to apply the music skills from you into her dance routines as well. Thank you for nurturing the musical interest in her and not giving up on her even when she was not doing her best.

Ray and Sook Ching

Ms Lye,

Thank you for the time and effort you have spent on Dorothy. She is always looking forward to your weekly lessons, and always have much to tell us about what you have taught her.

Best regards,

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