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DSA - Direct School Admission in Performing Arts

Many parents are concerned about Direct School Admission for secondary schools (DSA-Sec), a scheme allowing students to secure a spot in their preferred school before taking the PSLE.

Students applying for DSA-Sec need to demonstrate inclination or are talented in various areas, such as sports, visual, literary and the performing arts, as well as specific academic areas. MGS and SOTA are examples of schools taking in students with a keen interest in the performing arts.

With the current situation, the application and qualification criteria for DSA-Sec is seeing a change in the application process. Electronic application and e-interviews would be the new norm. In the near future, MOE will find other ways to effectively assess the child in the areas in which they excel in.

To qualify for DSA selection, most schools require students in “Visual, Literary and Music”, to possess an aptitude for performing as well as the ability to sight-read proficiently on their instruments. Having a certification in both ABRSM practical and theory examinations is thus imperative as well as ‘the icing on the cake’ to demonstrate the student’s keen interest as well as talent in music.

With the current restrictions on travel, which means no more impending holiday travels, cancellation of physical sport activities such as swim classes, Gymnastics etc, what better time than now to pick up piano lessons?

For parents looking at preparing your child for DSA-Sec application, technology has made it possible to have lessons right from home! Now is the best time to start piano lessons or to pick it up again, either for yourself or your child.

Drop us a message at My Music Room to find out more!

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