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Interested in My Music Room for your next piano lessons but still having queries? Check the FAQ for more details

  • How long is a trial piano lesson?
    The trial lesson will usually take 20-25 mins. Trial lesson is to assess student's proficiency and discuss with student / parents on policies and style and methodologies before starting on longer term basis.
  • What happens if I/my child missed the piano lesson?
    Lessons will be replaced in the event of illness with medical certification or if pirior notice is given. There will be no make-up lesson for last minute cancellation.
  • Ways to pay the piano lesson fees?
    Fees can be made via Cash, Cheques, Paylah or PayNow.
  • Can parents stay around during the lessons?
    In practice most teachers will insist that parents not sit in on lessons. And for some good reasons: students change when their parents are present! Almost without exception they become more withdrawn, less confident when trying something new, and less willing to share their opinions. Parents may stay during trial lesson if they wish.
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