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Online Learning for Piano Lessons - Is it really workable?

Read a good CNA article on the need to “blend” classroom learning and digital online learning to “harness the best of both worlds”.

Fully agree that there are definitely some benefits in online learning however we also understand home-based learning and digital online learning cannot substitute classroom learning to a certain extent. This is especially true for piano learning!

During the last 2 months, students from My Music Room sent videos recorded through phones and laptop cams to be reviewed. And with the start of online lessons from My Music Room, digital technology definitely helps and enables continuation of piano practice and learning. Immediate benefits coming from most parents would be that the child continues to maintain and improve their piano skill from all their years of hard work in piano learning.

In addition, the ease of having online lessons with a few button clicks, less travel time needed, a safer way of having lesson due to lesser outdoor contact are also important aspects that parents looked at.

My Music Room will continue to provide both online and studio learning when phase 2 starts, and at the same time to improve and harness the use of online and digital learning as a way to enhance learning experience at My Music Room.

For all of you and parents out there, do give a thought about the importance of music learning / piano lesson for yourself or your children, as this skill will be with you/them forever and the enjoyment and satisfaction will be beyond words.

Read more on the CNA article here.

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